About Hands-On Wildlife Safari

LYNNE HAWKSWORTH,lynne hawksworth

Originally from Liverpool , England, Lynne came to live in Florida in January of 1993 with her husband, Alan, and two sons. They set up home in Kissimmee and her husband started a maintenance business which they both worked hard at although it was not their career of choice.

Back in England, alongside their other successful businesses, she and her husband were among the very few private individuals in Britain to hold a "Dangerous Wild Animal License*. Her main passion was primates and they cared for, and rescued many over the 10 years they held their license. Among those rescued were cotton-eared marmosets, red tamarinds, rhesus macaques, squirrel monkeys, and her favorite, capuchins. Many of them were rescued from unsuitable and sometimes awful conditions, quite often due to people's ignorance of their needs. Large cats were also of great interest to Lynne, but in Britain unless you were a zoo or circus it was not an option.

Still very passionate about wildlife and conservation and wanting her children to be also, during the summers of 1999 and 2000 she sent her youngest son to summer camp at Gatorland. She became increasingly intrigued that her son was coming home full of wildlife information and an understanding of conservation and even teaching her new facts.

After many discussions about conservation and a lot of thinking, she decided she wanted more than anything to go out and “educate.” Eventually Safari Todd Wildlife Productions was born, which is now known as Hands on Wildlife Safari. It has not been easy, and without of the support of family and volunteers it would be almost impossible. One of the main things that keeps her going is the look on the children’s faces when they get to experience holding an alligator or a tarantula for the first time. Their absolute look of awe when they get to touch a snake or Teco their African Serval makes it all worth while.

In short, as long as Dawn, her business partner, and Michelle, a dedicated educator as well as all of the wonderful volunteers have “the will” she will do her best to make “the way.”

Email Lynne at: lynne@handsonwildlife.com

Our Wildlife Educators are highly trained, licensed and our organization is insured. We abide by all standards set by the USDA and are proud to be members of the American Zookeepers Association.